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Production Teams

Sol Aura is an experienced choreographer, coordinator, and teacher that has played an integral role in sparking the Lucid Flame Conclave and Aries Moon Circus. Today, she is ecstatic to be kindling a partner-acrobatic-fire duo with rope dart

Voluptuary and Lucid Wines

Circus Flared Wine Hostess

Christina will immerse you in a delightful journey of wine flights and creative pairings that optimize the virtual experience. Her specialties include wine inspired circus performances (+$5/pp) and facilitating cohesive team bonding for all walks of life.

7.1.21 Akin Gump NYC.jpg

Aries Moon Circus

Sol Aura delights in creating choreography with this dazzling array of fire, LED and aerial artists in her home town of Sacramento, CA.


Tahoe Fire Dancers

Sol Aura has thoroughly enjoyed performing with this premier Lake Tahoe troupe at MTV's Snowglobe, Burningman, womens retreats and more!

Christina Snowglobe-1 (1).jpg
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