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Elemental Performance Artist and Teacher

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Solaura's radiant passion for flow arts has brought her to perform for the likes of Hard Rock, Google, and MTV as a professional entertainer and blossoming artist. While she has over 15 polished skill sets, it is her vibrant stage presence and professional approach that propels her along her performance journey.


She is best known for captivating crowds with double whips, partner acrobatics, inversion tricks and innovative skate fusion. She was recently featured in the prestigious Firedrums showcase alongside Adam Busch as Radiant Sol for their partner rope dart act. 


Sol Aura is a fully insured performer and is available for compensated travel from her home in Nevada City, CA.

Performance Videos

Performance Videos

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All Categories
Double Fire Whips
Hard Rock Cafe
Palm Torch

Fire Dance Highlights

Sol Aura LED Highlights

Emerald Cup Silks with Chali 2na


Word on the Street


Riveting, Mesmerizing Spectacular

"Solaura’s passion for the flow arts is enchanting. I recently hired her for an art event in October 2023 to which she was our grand finale. Her presence amongst the crowd was remarkable and radiant as she dazzled us all with the cracks of her whip in her cosmic attire. She engages her spectators with kindness and an endearing sense of compassion. Her use of time, space, and movement during her performances has inspired many to seek the spiritual flames that burn in each and everyone of us. She is a goddess of her craft and a relentless force nature that will continue burn hot and bright. I’m excited to see to what the future holds for this mistress of the flame."

  • Event Date: October 1, 2023

  • Services Provided: Fire Show

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

Karlow Waakeen


(916) 337-6814

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