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Radiant Sol

Performer Portfolio


What is Radiant Sol?

Radiant Sol is the partner persona of Sol Aura & Radi - two Northern California performers.

Radiant Sol brings innovative choreography, balanced sensuality, and addictive charisma to its performances.

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What does Radiant Sol Mean?

Radiant Sol is the concept of connecting the Sol’s Center with outlying creative elements to stoke its internal fire.

While our creativity comes from within, it’s how we react to outside stimuli that helps us push ourselves beyond what we currently are.

Radiant Sol Performance Showcase

Radiant Sol
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About Sol Aura

Known on the stage as Sol Aura, Christina Orozco lights up special occasions throughout the west coast. This dynamic powerhouse catalyzes soulful dance and prop manipulation techniques into artistic movement. As a fully insured performer, she utilizes a wide spectrum of fire, LED, silk and skate skills that push the boundaries of integrative kinetic expression.


About Radi

Known on stage as Radi, Adam Busch is a Northern California flow artist. Thrilled by the boundless potential of flow arts and movement, Radi strives to explore the balance between dramatic & dynamic movement, technical curiosity, partner flow intimacy, and power. 

Radi specializes in rope dart and parasol, and indulges in Poi, Puppy Hammer, Meteor Dart, and Palm torches - and is known to throw a chair into his performances from time to time. 

Past Performances


AfterGlow - Sacramento (Unsanctioned Decompression) - November 2022

Radiant Sol performed in the Fire Arts Showcase for this Sacramento Burning Man Post-Burn Community Event. 

Radiant Sol performed a choreographed Rope Dart piece weaving in elements of partner poi, partner acro, swing dance, and synchronized rope dart work.

Sol Aura also performed her dual Double Whip solo and Radi was the Lead Coordinator of this event's performances.


Words From Organizers We've Worked With


"Christina and Adam were amazing guest performers at the Midnight Fire Show at High Sierra 2022! Their duo and solo performances were dynamic, engaging and thrilling. They each bring huge stage presence and nice technical skill. They are a pleasure to work with on and off stage. I look forward to performing with them again!"

- Rayen “Rosa Del Fuego,” Rosa Bair Productions, Director 2022 Quircus the Quincy Community Circus

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